Crafty chit chat

Why this? Why now?

When I was a teenager I kept a diary quiet regularly, sometimes even writing in it multiple times a day. That fact has often made me think I’d do just as well in keeping a blog but this will be my third attempt at maintaining one. The other two were things I started as a place to share my thoughts and ideas on any subject under the sun I wished to, and I’ve started this blog with the belief that that was my prior failing. This time there will be a clear focus – crafts.

Why the sudden conviction, you ask? Well, it isn’t really the desire to have a blog, which is a strong part of why I’ve started them in the past. It’s more because I’ve recently reconnected with my crafty side and thought it would be fun to keep a sort of captain’s log of these endeavours. I don’t even have plans to tell anyone I’m starting this, so it’s more for me than it is something to share with the world. If you’ve found this, welcome! Hopefully you’ll find what I have to say and show interesting and I’m more than happy to share with you, but I think that the best way for this to be a success is to  keep my target audience as myself. Not even my boyfriend knows this exists yet. He’s very web savvy and whenever he hears that I want to start a blog he wants to go all out and get a proper domain name, use a sophisticated platform and build a unique design. All of which contributes to my getting sidetracked.

Speaking of getting sidetracked, I think it’s just happened… Let’s talk crafts!

For over 3 years I worked as a traditional bookbinder. I loved it, and still do, but have since realised that it is something I’d prefer to keep as a hobby rather than a career. For me personally, bookbinding is an almost perfect balance of practicality, methodology and creativity. I like being creative but don’t really see myself as a truly creative person. I need boundaries and restrictions to work within. I like following recipes and patterns. Which is why I think I lean towards the sort of crafts that I do. At the moment I’m living in the US on a one year visa and all of my bookbinding tools and equipment are at home in Australia so you likely won’t see much talk of that here, but I can’t talk craft-love without mentioning bookbinding.

The other crafts that demand my interest are knitting and cross stitch. At the moment I’m knitting A, B, C blocks for my godson (but they’ll spell his name) and will follow up with trying to knit him my first ever jumper. I am also in the middle of a cross stitch of a photo of my boyfriend and I, which I’ve been working on on and off for several years now. It’ll be finished one day! I’ve also designed a simpler cross stitch to be a Christmas present for my grandma. And when those are done, I’d like to make cross stitch squares to be made into my first ever quilt. Aside from those, I’m also planning a few small paper-based projects as part of my best friend’s hens party.

So it’s pretty evident that I have a few ideas stirring around in my head alongside ongoing projects. The plan is to document and keep track of my ideas and plans in this blog. Hopefully I can stay the course!


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