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Animal safari party hats

My best friend is getting married at the very end of the year and I’m very sad that I won’t be around to help her prepare and plan for most of it because I’m in the US and she’s in Australia. I’m especially sad that I don’t get to plan her hens night – I won’t get back to the country until the day before. But her other friend who is organising the hens has let me come up with the theme, so I’m not completely out of the loop. Yay!

Since she was proposed to while on safari in Africa, I thought that it would be fitting to have an animal safari themed party. It will be fairly easy for the guests to dress up for this theme, though I must admit I have no animal print clothing in my wardrobe at the moment. But the extra fun part for me is that I get to create a few party items! The first thing I’m working on are mini party hats.

At the moment I’m working at a really great store called Paper Source and we recently got in some really cute mini party hats, which I was planning to buy for the hens before a theme was decided. Now that we have a theme, and because they have some nice papers at work, I’ve decided to create my own party hats to match the theme. It would have been great if we had animal print papers to match what we’ll all likely be wearing but we had the next best thing – jungle animal print paper! While it’s not exactly safari, it comes close enough. Anyway, I’ve made the first sample and even though it isn’t perfect I think it will work well enough.

To make the hats, I’ve purchased:

  • jungle print animal paper
  • super tape (since the hats will have to survive a very long flight)
  • sparkly gold washi tape
  • a small hole punch
  • elastic cord

First thing I did was a couple of test sizes. I want to create crackers as well and have the hats in the crackers so they have to be small enough to fit. Once the diameter of the crackers was determined, I could work out the diameter and circumference  of the hats. These will have a diameter of ~5.5cm and circumference of ~17cm. Using a piece of string to measure the circumference, I was able to measure the correct size for the hat. The first one I made was too tall, as can be seen on the right of the first photo. And while this size hat may seem quite small, I’d also measure the hats at work and they are practically the same size.

Once the size had been decided upon, I made a template from an old cereal box and cut out one hat to do a proper trial. I should have placed it differently, with the animal’s head and not it’s whole body at the center of the template, but that’s what trials are for. After assembling the hat, I cut short strips of the washi tape to line the base. They had to be short strips because the base is curved and it was the best way I could think of to maintain the size of the strip. Once stuck on with a small bit of overhang at the bottom, the overhang was snipped in the middle and folded under. This helps the lining better follow the curve, ensures that there will be no printed paper showing below the tape, and slightly reinforces the base. The cord won’t be attached until all of the hats are made, but I might add another layer of washi tape where the holes will be punched for safety.

Hopefully everyone, especially the bride to be, likes how they turn out! Then again, I’m sure we’ll quickly become too tipsy to care.


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