Odd makes

Halloween cane/staff

This year was mine and B’s first (and likely only) Halloween in the US. Unfortunately, I was working the day of Halloween so we didn’t dress up together. He dressed up with a friend for his work on Friday and I dressed up for my work on Saturday. My costume was completely half-assed and last minute so I won’t even talk about it. B’s was semi-last minute.

At the start of the week, he and his friend decided they’d go as the monks from the game Age of Empires. They ordered togas online and I picked up a wig from Party City. The one item that they were having trouble getting hold of in time was the cane or staff. I found this great tutorial on Instructables from a guy who made giant candy cane decorations and decided I’d give that a go.

While I don’t have a photo of the finished canes, below you can see the main steps of the making.


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