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Filling in the blanks

So it’s been quite a while since my last post. It got a bit hectic around Christmas, especially because I got sick and was unable to work on my projects so one of my Christmas presents was given on Boxing Day. Also, my friend, whose Hen’s party I’d been making things for, had her 3 day wedding immediately after Christmas. After that I was too busy winding down, catching up with family and friends and, basically, just enjoying a holiday.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to in order of completion…

  • Made the final decoration (on my part) for my friend’s Hen’s party. These were string up in her parents living room for phase one of the event.
  • Finished creating the ‘ABC’ blocks for my godson. Each square was knitted separately, as photographed, with the letters and stars being sewn on afterwards. Most of each cube was seamed together before being stuffed with cubes I’d made from calico and hobby stuffing. Then the remaining opening were seemed closed. The colour scheme is mother-approved, as well as making it more likely to survive as a keepsake.
  • Cross-stitched this keepsake for my Nana. I always find it hard to think of presents for her, but getting back into crafts reminded me that she already has a cross-stitch of her grandchildren. She now has a good number of great-grandchildren and I decided it was time that they were commemorated as well. The pattern for the tree came from Terra Luna Stitchery. The pattern for the flowers was modified slightly from Kyoti Makes. Unfortunately, I ran so behind on this one and was in such a rush to give it to her that I failed to take a photo of the finished thing in the frame.

Well, there you have it. From now, I’ll try to stick to a regular posting plan!


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