Paper crafts

Plans for repurposing

Due to my recently rediscovered interest in knitting, as well as the simplicity of supplies required for knitting as opposed to some other forms of crafting, it’s been a while since I’ve engaged in any paper related crafts. However, thanks to where I work that is all about to change.

As I’ve mentioned before, I currently work for a store that specialises in paper crafts. Working there has introduced me to one particularly handy tool called a Xyron. Primarily, it is essentially a sticker making device. You feed in papers, ribbons or the like and it applies an adhesive to one side. It can also be used as a laminator and, according to the model I purchased, a magnet maker but I’m mainly interested in it’s primary function.

While I am living in the US, with plans to return home within a year to Australia, I wasn’t going to start using my Xyron until I got back home where I would have more space, tools and materials. I’m trying not to accumulate too much while I’m here so I won’t have to deal with the hassle of transporting more things overseas. But recently I managed to get my hands on a small stack of old calendars and I am incredibly eager to start chopping them up and making things. Mainly it will probably be gift tags and bookmarks, which I’ll need the Xyron for to give them a suitable backing. I’ve also been thinking about making small boxes, but there are so many different ways to make boxes and I’m not sure how well the calendar prints will work.

Either way, watch this space!


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