Paper crafts

Paper wallet

A couple of days ago I accidentally ruined my wallet. I’d gone to pick up dinner, which included a couple of bottles of root beer. Thinking that they were sealed tight (because why would they be opened when I had ordered them to go?) I popped them in my bag. On the way home I thought I had stepped in a couple of tiny puddles, for some reason only with my right foot. It was only when I sat down at home and realised that my right pants leg was also a bit damp that I thought to check my bag. Sure enough, a full bottle’s worth of root beer had my wallet swimming. Stupidly, my partner asked if I had any other valuables in my bag before rinsing it and I said no, completely forgetting that my phone was in the back pocket. That’s a whole other saga, but somehow my phone did survive even though the screen is comping off and it got soaked.

The point of this tale is that I needed a new wallet but I really didn’t want to spend money on one seeing as how I could have easily avoided dumping a perfectly good one. To the internets!

Feeling a bit lazy to ‘shop’ around, I blindly followed the first paper wallet tutorial I came across. And I did not like it! It felt sloppy and insecure and far too large. After wasting that first sheet of paper, I had a proper look for one that could give me the shape and pockets I wanted. Overall, it’s really such a simple thing that shouldn’t have taken the time that it did, but I’m pretty happy with the end result.

Full wallet
Closed wallet
Open wallet

I didn’t consider how the thickness of the cards would affect how the wallet closes, ergo it’s not as long as it should be. One side is positioned higher than the other to try to alleviate this. Also, it’s a little tall because I had originally planned to have 3 card slots on each side but, having botched some of the paper bag it’s made from, I ran out of paper.

This is a fantastic way to repurpose old paper bags, and the instructions I followed can be found here.


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