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To cross a card

For some reason, Mother’s Day in the United States is the same date as it is in Australia but Father’s Day is completely different. Well, with Mother’s Day coming up I thought I should put in a bit of extra effort since I’m half a world away. And with cross stitch in my head again I decide to try something I’ve always wanted to do – cross stitch a design onto a card.

DSC06165I found this design in an old book of embroidery patterns and decided to have a go at translating it into a pattern for cross stitch. This wasn’t too difficult. I just needed some graph paper, pencil and trusty eraser. It did take a bit of tweaking to get it to something I thought would look good stitched. To be safe, once I had settled on a design I copied into my computer program that has a feature that simulates the look of stitches. As usual though, I forgot to save it before shutting the program down so there’s no image of that.

Nevertheless, I was happy with the result and forged ahead! Taking a blank card and placing it under the graph paper, I used an embroidery needle to poke holes in all of the required spots. By the way, the paper I used was intended for creating embroidery patterns which is why it is partially translucent (you can see the outline of the card pretty clearly underneath the paper), but I think this was to allow you to essentially ‘trace’ the image you wanted to turn into a pattern.

Card under pattern
Punched and ready for stitching

N.B. If you do this method, make sure to open the card or place a cutting mat inside the card so that you don’t poke holes right through! I’ll probably cut it out and mount it onto another card, which will actually solve the problem of having the ugly back side of the stitched design visible. Also, I do not recommend using a needle to punch the holes. It hurts your finger something sore. The only reason I did so was because I left my awls in Australia and didn’t want to have to buy another just for this one use.

Sure hope this turns out well…


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