Bullet journal

B’s bullet journal

I got really excited a few months ago when I discovered that my favourite cousin is majorly into planners. Something fun and creative that’s related to my creative interests, woohoo! As mentioned in a previous post, I discovered bullet journaling in the immediate aftermath and shared the phenomenon with her. She thought it was interesting, but didn’t think it was for her.

Lo and behold, a couple of short months later she comes back to me to say that she’s going to give this bullet journaling thing a go!

Of course, I had to ask for photo’s and was so impressed by what she had done that I also had to ask if I could share them with you. As you will clearly see, she’s a lot more creative with hers then I am with mine. In my defence though, the inconvenience of minbeing made of old log books hampers my creativity. I really think it would look too cluttered if I did more on the pages.

12443206_10154606638270278_388823424_nShe bought a notebook from Muji for her bullet journal, which is an automatic plus (I love Muji). And the first thing she showed me, which I am now totally jealous of, is that it comes with a pocket. Wishing mine had a place to keep my washi’s and pens…

Below are the other pages she showed me. They’re pretty simple, really, but they just look neater and prettier than mine. Other differences are:

  • Her future planner contains a double page spread for each month because she is just that detailed of a planner.
  • Her health tracker will be at the start of the daily logs each month, unlike mine which is before my future log with my other major trackers with long time spans. I actually like her placement better – I rarely use mine just because it’s not in an area I use often.
  • She’s creative with her headings. I just don’t have enough faith in my handwriting to make mine look good.

I can’t wait for the day when I can use a dot grid notebook for my bullet journal. Oh, the freedom! But I really do want to use up the half a dozen re-purposed log books I made. So until then, she can be my journaling  inspiration.


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