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Poäng for posture

This is another quick and tiny post! I’ve been doing quite a bit of cross stitching lately, and as a result my back has been getting pretty sore. I don’t have great posture in general, but I guess coupling that with my neck always bent to focus on my work has made things a bit worse. To google I go!

Unfortunately, my search didn’t really lead to anything useful. There were a couple of tools around that helped embroiderers with this issue, but I didn’t really want to spend money on another gadget that would ultimately add to my general and excessive clutter. All of a sudden, inspiration struck –

Behold, the Poäng with footstool from Ikea!

Complete setup
Embroidery and pattern at eye level

It isn’t perfect but it works pretty great for me. I’m sure part of that is my relatively short stature, which puts the work on the back of the chair at eye level for me. My seat is the footstool. This would work better as a seat if it didn’t slant but on the plus side, the height of the footstool let’s my feet sit flat on the floor (they dangle in the air on normal chairs). I especially love that the slats on the back of the chair provide a holder for the pattern so that I don’t need to keep glancing down at it, thus defeating the purpose.

So what do you think? What are your innovative setups for better posture when crafting?


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