cross stitch

Drink sleeves, cont’d

A while ago I wrote about my endeavours in creating a cross stitched drink sleeve. It takes quite a bit of time to make one, but I think I’ve refined the process as much as I can. I’m actually pretty excited about this one, though I’m not sure how much use the end results will actually get.

For myself, I’ve continued to use the first full prototype. We have very small mugs here so when I’m hankering for a big serving of tea, I do it in one of our glasses. Of course, these don’t have handles so the sleeve I made has been perfect in allowing me to properly grasp a glass full of steaming hot tea.

For the rest… I’ve decided to try to make drink sleeves for the friends I’ve made at my job over here. This involved scouring pinterest and google images for designs that would suit their individual interests. After finding suitable images, I put a bit of time into converting them into patterns that would fit the small area on these sleeves. In hindsight, it might look better if the designs were narrower so that the whole thing can be appreciated fully when it’s wrapped around a cup. Having said that, I’m still pretty happy with the results.

Here are the two and a half that I’ve done so far.

The Harry Potter design was inspired by this tutorial from Flamingo Toes. The fox design was inspired by this cute image I found. The word fox on the sleeve is spelled with two x’s because the friend I’m giving it to has a name that ends with a double letter, so I thought this would make it more personal for her. As for the paint palette, I spent the longest time searching for an image of one that I thought would translate well. It was surprisingly difficult! There were a lot out there that looked too cartoony, or didn’t feel quite right, or wouldn’t fill the long space well. Unfortunately, I didn’t save the source and I don’t want to have to go through that rigorous search again. Maybe when it’s complete I’ll find it.


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