Handwriting efforts, part one

Thanks to pinterest, yesterday I discovered an article on improving your handwriting as an adult. I have always disliked my handwriting (it’s messy and child-like) so I was instantly hooked on the idea that it could be bettered. This is something that I really want to work on now and I didn’t want to rely on this one article alone in case there’s better or more suitable information for me out there. However, after reading it up on a few more sites it turns out that a lot of the advice is the same.

My favourite article is wikiHow, because it gives a little more information than most others – characteristics you can look for that good handwriting should have as well as the things you can do to improve. Knowing these, I have a better idea of the things I should look out for and work on as I progress.

The number one tip that every article agreed upon is that you should be writing with your arm and not your wrist or your fingers. This sounded completely bizarre to me! Not to mention uncomfortable. When I write, I rest my arm on the page or the table and I thought that was surely the most relaxed, comfortable and natural way to do it. Wrong, wrong, wrong! They do recommend stretching first, but isn’t that strange to think of exercising your arm so that you can do something as (supposedly) simple as writing?

Anyway, I decided to give it a go. My writing is even messier now but hopefully it will improve drastically as I get used to it. In fact, today is my second day in writing this way and today’s work does look better than yesterday’s. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to tell in the pictures below though.

As you can see, the other tip that I’ve gone along with is to start by drawing lines, circles and loops to get used to the shapes and strokes that form letters. Of course, they’re supposed to be a lot more uniform in both form and spacing. But that’s why they’re called practice exercises!

I hit google images to find a set of exercises that I liked, and went with these from Creative Live blog. Yesterday I only did a couple of lines of each, just to get used to them. It was surprising to see how lost I got at times. For example, with the loop that looks a bit like an incomplete lowercase g, I got confused and started drawing lowercase e‘s. Today, I decided to simplify and focus. I only did a few of the simpler strokes, but I did a lot more to get better practiced. Once they start looking more consistent, I’ll do the more complex strokes. And once everything is looking acceptable, I’ll start filling pages with letters. Each letter, over and over again on one page like in primary school…

Finger’s crossed this actually helps!

Oh, by the way I’m using this fun notebook I got for my birthday this year. Once I’ve used up the grid pages, I’ll put a lined or grid sheet under the white pages and see how that works.



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