Crafty chit chat

Sleeves for friends

So it’s been a bit of a mad rush (because I left it to the last minute, as usual) but I managed to create all but one of the cross-stitched drink sleeves I’d planned as a parting gift for my friends in San Francisco. Hurray!

For a lot of them, I had to source patterns online just because I had neither the time nor the real skill to create them from scratch. A few of these were modified slightly, but the ones that I am most proud of are the ones that I was forced to design myself. The main reason for having to do my own designs was because I couldn’t find patterns that would fit the small size of the sleeve. And it was quite a fun challenge, I can tell you! The trickiest? Miss Saigon, hands down no contest.

In no particular order, here they are for your viewing pleasure.

If I make any more in the future, I have to remember to not make the designs so wide. The width was based on what’s visible when it’s lying flat but of course it doesn’t lie flat when it’s around a cup.

Oh, and I almost forgot – one of my friends sent me a photo of how she’s using it.



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