‘Peter Pan’ sweater

This post has been a long time coming (around 60 hours of work, according to the log kept in my bullet journal) but I have finally finished knitting the sweater for my godson! There were a lot of errors and a lot of worries about the fit, but in the end it was almost perfect.

Being the disorganised blogger that I am, I forgot to take photos while I was making it. I think the only other post where I’ve mentioned it was at the very beginning when I made the tension swatch. I was so proud of doing that for the first time, but it ended up being completely wrong. If anyone could enlighten me as to why it would be really appreciated! The gauge on the pattern didn’t specify how the swatch should be knitted so I assumed it would be stockinette stitch. But even after I realised that it would end up being too small, I did a swatch in pattern and it still wanted me to use the wrong size needles. I had knitted almost the whole back before I realised the mistake.

The only other major error I had was in doing the neckband. Too eager to finish, I read only the instructions for the step I was up to and not the full pattern. I finished the neckband, knitting in the round for the first time, and realised that the opening was too small to fit his head through. Oh dear. Turns out I was supposed to leave one shoulder open so that I could attach buttons. Lesson learned!

I also found the buttons quite fiddly to do. This is the first time I had ever incorporated buttons into knitting, and it is a bit messy but it does the job. The buttons I used were chosen out of my mum’s stash because I thought they were cute, but now I wish I had chosen ones that lay flatter. They also aren’t spaced exactly evenly apart.

In the end, I am pretty happy with how it turned out. My godson looks adorable, although he always does anyway. His mother (my sister) also loves it, which means he’ll actually wear it instead of it hiding in the closet. It has a bit of stretch to it as well and the arms are a bit long so it should be able to grow with him for a couple of years.

Front view
Back view

So there it finally is – the Peter Pan sweater.


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