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Knitter’s log

While I was making the Peter Pan sweater for my godson, I kept a log of the time spent in my bullet journal because I wanted to know how long it took me to make. Well, I really liked this idea so I decided to make a dedicated journal to keep track of my knitting endeavours.

Since this log book will be used for something creative I decided to try to make it more visually attractive than my bullet journal, which is very minimal in it’s design. On my pinterest account I had pinned a few samples of handwriting and banners that I liked but had never bothered to try out. Here was my chance.

Being a bit of a perfectionist, I drafted the title page in pencil before going over it with some nice thin pens I had bought for the purpose.

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Replacing the index page of the bullet journal is The Knit List. This is where I will keep track of all of the projects I want to do, who they are for, and whether or not they have been started/finished. Being the eager and excitable person that I am, I went ahead and filled in a bunch of projects before putting in too much thought. As you can see, I’ve already had to erase one as I’ve decided to go with a different pattern. There are a few more on that list that will also need to be erased and replace. In the future, I probably won’t add a pattern until I’m ready to actually begin it.

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The last page I have to show you just shows how I will be laying out each individual project’s log. I didn’t bother pencilling in this one first as it is a simpler design and less of a feature than the others. The boxed area at the start contains basic information such as who the project is for, what yarn and needles the original pattern calls for, and the yarn and needles I will use. The rest of page just logs the time spent knitting the pattern, including any mistakes.

Project log

The particular project shown above has a divider on the second page because I am making two of the same item and I want to be able to keep their time logs separate.


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