A beanie for one

Since coming back to Australia I’ve felt a bit out of the loop with what’s going on around me. Case in point, I only found out very recently that my first cousin once removed (had to look that up) will be celebrating his first birthday tomorrow. So off I rushed to Spotlight to pick up some yarn, going for a colour I liked rather than a specific weight to match a pattern.

As cute as I think it turned out, next time I’ll be sure to find a pattern first as I don’t really like being limited by the weight. At least Ravelry makes it incredibly easy to filter search results. The one I went for, based on my super chunky yarn, was the Teo Hat. I didn’t follow the pattern exactly though, as I only had double pointed needles in 5.5mm rather than the specified 8mm.


To start off, I created a tension swatch with my needles so that I could compare my gauge with the required gauge. I then had to calculate how many more stitches would be needed to add to get the right circumference for a toddler’s head. It required a bit of math and what felt like a lot of trust and risk, but I was fairly confident that I had calculated well enough.

And voila! It fit perfectly.

By the way, it definitely looks a lot better on an actual child than it does on the ball I tested it on. I really love the colour though. Will have to find another pattern to make a beanie for myself.


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