Bullet journal

New journal, new look

Months before the end of the year, I have completely filled up my first bullet journal. This is largely because I used the daily log sections as a travel journal when my partner and I went to New York. We weren’t there long, but I really tried to detail all of the things we had seen and done while we were there. And that is exactly why I prefer using a bullet journal over a more traditional planner – it gives you the freedom to add in whatever you want, when you want and as much as you want.

I didn’t put too much effort into making my first one very ‘pretty’ but, inspired by my new Knitter’s Log, I decided to put a bit more effort into the new one. However, I’m still using journals made from old log books, which automatically clutters up the look of each spread. And because I don’t have coloured pencils I’ve used highlighters that bleed through to the back of the page. Ergo, it definitely isn’t as neat and fancy as most others you see out there, but by my standards it’s looking pretty good.

img_4078This is my new title page, with a key on the inside cover. It’s pretty much the same as my old title page. Just added some washi tape and tried a couple of different lettering styles. they’re both really basic, but for someone who has never done nice lettering (aside from the Knitter’s Log that I just made) it’s a good effort.

img_4079My new index page is also extremely simple. I’ve always liked this heading style but cursive doesn’t feel as natural to me as block writing. As a result, I’ve always thought my cursive handwriting looked a lot messier than my already messy handwriting. I must confess, I still actually pencilled this header in before going over it with a pen and highlighter.

The divider going down the page wasn’t originally planned. However without the red lines printed on the pages of my first bullet journal, it didn’t look quite as organised and easy to read.

img_4080Once again, the calendar spread in this new journal follows the same format of my old journal. However in my old journal I had 4 different calendars to track different things. Honestly though, 3 out of 4 of those were completely unnecessary and never used. Having just one calendar also allowed me space to make the dates bigger and easier to read. it’s still a pretty ugly page though…

img_4081I thought I’d try out a more traditional layout for the monthly log. Although the pre-existing columns from the log pages clutter and confuse the page a little, I actually quite like laying it out this way. There’s less room for general monthly tasks, they’ve had to fit in where the month allowed for space, but I never really had many of those to list anyway.

img_4082My daily habit tracker hasn’t changed much. What I do really like about it is having switched from marking off completed tasks by pen to using tiny star stickers that I’d previously created. As you can see, I’m not very good at maintaining habits. Inspired by my cousin’s planner, I also incorporated a more detailed food intake log at the bottom. Serving suggestions were taken from the American Heart Association.

img_4083Inspired by a friend of mine in San Francisco, as well as a new layout I found on pinterest, I decided to try bringing back my gratitude tracker. Originally I had tried to make myself list 2 things every day but found that I was forcing it too much. I think they key is to not be so strict about it, and to remember that the things that you’re grateful for can also be the really little things in life.

img_4084My daily log hasn’t changed much. This is one page that I wanted to be able to create with minimal effort as it is the one that I will be recreating most often. Based on my first journal though, I didn’t like how bulky the washi tape made the top and bottom of the book. I think for each new month I will alternate between this layout and having the heading running down the edge of page. Of course there will still be bulk, but I think it will be better if I can spread it out a bit.

So that’s my new journal. I know that most people like to start a new journal for each new year but I am a bit lazy (and don’t like waste), which is why the calendar at the front crosses over into 2017. I imagine I’ll be using this one for quite a few months.


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