Thought Bobol is a place for me to explore my creative adventures. For the most part, this will focus on handicrafts such as bookbinding, cross stitch, knitting and paper crafts. However, from time to time this might also include video, photography or design.

I call myself a ‘come-and-go crafter’ because crafting isn’t a full time vocation for me. It is something that I enjoy immensely and spend a good part of free time on, but as hobbies do it can sometimes take a back seat to other goings on in my life. I often start projects, set them aside for one thing or another, and don’t pick them up again for weeks, months or even years. So at the heart of it, this is really a place for me to share any ideas and inspirations for projects; plans I make for carrying these ideas out; and the ups and downs of actually creating.

To anyone who stumbles across my thoughts – welcome, and I hope you enjoy my journey.


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