Bullet journal · Knitting

Knitter’s log

While I was making the Peter Pan sweater for my godson, I kept a log of the time spent in my bullet journal because I wanted to know how long it took me to make. Well, I really liked this idea so I decided to make a dedicated journal to keep track of my knitting… Continue reading Knitter’s log

Crafty chit chat · cross stitch

Poäng for posture

This is another quick and tiny post! I’ve been doing quite a bit of cross stitching lately, and as a result my back has been getting pretty sore. I don’t have great posture in general, but I guess coupling that with my neck always bent to focus on my work has made things a bit… Continue reading Poäng for posture

cross stitch

Stitched sleeve

In my forays online for knitting patterns, I’ve often come across designs for beverage sleeves. You know – coffee sleeves, drink jackets, cozies – whatever you want to call those slips you put around drinks that are too hot (or too cold). There are some really cute designs out there for knitted or crocheted sleeves,… Continue reading Stitched sleeve

Paper crafts

Plans for repurposing

Due to my recently rediscovered interest in knitting, as well as the simplicity of supplies required for knitting as opposed to some other forms of crafting, it’s been a while since I’ve engaged in any paper related crafts. However, thanks to where I work that is all about to change. As I’ve mentioned before, I currently… Continue reading Plans for repurposing

Bullet journal

Bullet journal beginnings

My cousin recently told me that she’s getting really into the planner game, particularly with designing her own dividers for her Filofax and using washi tape to decorate pages. I got a bit excited that she’s getting crafty as she isn’t normally into kind of thing, so I did a bit of exploring in the… Continue reading Bullet journal beginnings

Crafty chit chat

Why this? Why now?

When I was a teenager I kept a diary quiet regularly, sometimes even writing in it multiple times a day. That fact has often made me think I’d do just as well in keeping a blog but this will be my third attempt at maintaining one. The other two were things I started as a… Continue reading Why this? Why now?